Saturday, August 27, 2016

(#289) Do Not Disturb
Mulitpanel time! Can you believe the last time I made a multipanel caption was November? Me neither! I'm guessing I forgot to tag a few...

Thursday, August 25, 2016

(#288) Hands
Hey! I get it! You're upset you had to wait two days to see this caption. You're spoiled now!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

High Voltage by the Numbers

One thing that I thought would be interesting, is to look at the stats for the ending pages of High Voltage and see how many of you are following each path. Some of these numbers might be skewed considering you might get to an ending that you don't like, and then try to get to another one.

At the beginning of Chapter 3, there were a few different options. You could have went on a date with Jake the bartender (available to everyone who decided not to quit their jobs), you could have went to the Gamma party (available only to those who embraced the feminine aspects of their new life), or you could have stayed home to work on the device (available to all paths).

Unsurprisingly, it seems like you were interested in the more fun options:
Gamma Party.........57%
Date with Jake.......24%
Work on Device.....19%

For those of you who went to the Gamma Party, it was all fun and games, or so you thought. The beer flowed freely and if you separated yourself from Sarah, you may have found out how a frat house treats a girl by herself... Whether you played beer pong, smoked weed, or drank in the kitchen, many of the paths lead to the same place.

Had fun and made it home safely.....22%
Got raped on the upstairs balcony...22%
Had sex with John..............................8%
Had sex with John and Sarah............5%

Unfortunately, a good many of you fell for the charms of the mysterious man on the couch, or perhaps you were to drunk or high to really help yourself. I think that path is going to be one of the more interesting ones to write as we have to come through how you deal with it. Many of you ended up passed out on the front lawn for Sarah to bring home. If only you kept it together maybe you could have been among the 5% who managed to participate in a foursome with Sarah. But, I guess that's why you can always try again!

A good amount of you chose to go on a date with Jake. I suspect this is a result of you meeting Jake at work and making plans with him immediately since you didn't know what else was in store. The most surprising thing about this was how many of you actually seemed to have a good date with him. I thought I had tried to make it difficult for this to go well, but this could be one of those instances were you kept going back for a different result.

Date with Jake went well............19%
Date with Jake went poorly..........5%

This was one of those opportunities to jump from the "resist femininity" to the "embrace femininity" path if the date went well, and for most of you, it did. For the 19% of you, there will surely be more of Jake in your future.

And finally we have those diligent few who are determined to create the device that will reverse this condition! More of you got taken advantage of at the Gamma Party than decided to play it safe and stay home. I can't say I'm surprised.

For those who have already embraced their feminine side
Device is nearly complete..................................7%
Bought the parts but had sex with Hannah........6%

For those who have yet to embrace their feminine side
Bought the parts but had sex with Hannah...........3%
Device is nearly complete.....................................2%
Sucked a dick, but the device is complete............1%

Your lesbian roommate was just a little too much to resist? Wasn't she? Well the good news is that 10% of you have nearly completed the device, or have actually completed it. Which means for some of you, maybe this will be nothing more than a bad dream.

So, when can you expect Chapter 4?

I am expecting Chapter 4 to be short. It is going to combine and condense some similar chapters and lay the groundwork for Chapter 5, which will be the Bachelorette party. Maybe sometime in September or October!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

(#287) I'm Real
This truly is the last of the daily captions. You'll have to wait four more years for captions like these again!

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(#284) Highest Stakes
The Olympics are nearing the end. Which means the daily captions will soon be ending as well. :(