Saturday, August 22, 2015

(HV#001) High Voltage - The Beginning

WARNING: This post is part of a choose your own adventure story called High Voltage. Click here to begin from the beginning.

Thank you so much for clicking in to reach HIGH VOLTAGE. This story is something that I was originally writing as fiction, but I've had so much fun captioning the past few months, I decided to adapt the story for here. Since this wasn't originally written for the caption format, some of the panels are a little wordy. I've done my best to slim certain things down, but some elements are necessary for the plot. A great deal of posts will be published today, August 22, but try not to use the traditional navigation tools to get around. Instead, follow the links to the next portion of the story at the end of each post. Your decisions really will affect the outcome.

Without further adieu, I present, HIGH VOLTAGE!

Should I:

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