Thursday, December 29, 2016

(#362) Workout Obsession
It's almost time to start making resolutions, which means it is almost time to start breaking them. 

Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Hi Ladies! I hope you all had a happy holidays! In my 500,000 view post, I said the next time I would do one of these would be at a million. But then here we are, hitting 750,000 on 12/22 and as the year is coming to a close I decided it might be nice to take a look back and do one of those introspective posts.

So here we are! I've got an unprecedented backlog of posts. Posts are scheduled here on Blogger through the end of April and I've got over 140 draft posts sitting on tumblr just waiting to be formatted. I've also got nearly all of Chapter 4 of High Voltage written. Just need to do the chapters that resulted from those of you unlucky girls who ended up being raped on the balcony. That chapter is taking a little longer because I want to make sure it has the appropriate impact on the story. There are lots of captions that kind of gloss over rape, but if you get into the character's head, that should be a extremely traumatic experience.

So looking ahead to 2017, what can you expect?
  • Expect some big news coming from Erin real soon
  • Daily captions for the month of February to celebrate Love
  • 2nd Annual Spring Break Week in March (daily captions)
  • 2nd Annual Secretary's Week in April (daily captions)
Hopefully I'll have wrapped up Chapter 4 of High Voltage so that will show up somewhere in there too.

And now it is time for the standard look back at the captions that you loved! There are a few different groupings below, and they are presented similar to the format used for the 500,000 view post.

  • Top 5 blogger captions since reaching 500,000 views
  • Top 5 blogger captions of all time
  • Top 5 tumblr captions since reaching 500,000 views
  • Top 5 tumblr captions of all time

So first:

The top 5 blogger captions since reaching 500,000 views
There have been almost 100 captions since the 500,000 view post, these are the top 5:

(#265) The View, 2200+ views

(#294) New Beginnings, 1600+ views

(#289) Do Not Disturb, 1600+ views

(#344) Confidence, 1500+ views

(#288) Hands, 1400+ views

The Top 5 Blogger Captions of all time

This list hasn't changed at all since the 500,000 view post or the 250,000 view post. Each time I post one of these things they each get a couple hundred more views and they stay at the top of the leaderboard... So, chances are, you've already seen these. If you want to, click here, and you can see them again, but I'd much rather you check out some of the newer posts!

The Top 5 Tumblr Captions since 500,000 views

How could the top tumblr caption be a caption that was just posted here yesterday? Well, sometimes I post tumblr exclusive captions. This particular one was to celebrate 1000 folowers. When I make a caption for them, it gets posted immediately on tumblr, but then has to wait through my existing backlog to be scheduled over here. As usual, what is interesting is that the tumblr crowd likes very different things than the blogger crowd and the views reflect that, although there is more overlap this time than last time.

(#361) Third Date, 80+ tumblr notes, <100 views

(#294) New Beginnings, 70+ tumblr notes, 1600+ views

(#265) The View, 70+ tumblr notes, 2200+ views

(#303) Undoing, 60+ tumblr notes, 1200+ views

(#292) College Experience, 50+ tumblr notes, 1400+ views

Top 5 Tumblr Posts of all time

Only two of these five appeared on the last list, and they've switched positions completely. The number 2 post on this list became hot and nearly tripled its previous total, while the number 5 post used to be number 1 and has hardly received any new love. The rest of these items are not "new", but the tumblr reblog system works differently than the way things work here on blogger. Here, it is difficult for any of my old posts to get large amounts of attention, unless I link to them. Where as on tumblr, if someone goes through my archive and reblogs something, it shows up as new to all of their followers, and then the reblog train continues!

(#181) Excuses, 110+ tumblr notes, 700+ views

(#222) Jogging, 110+ tumblr notes, 1100+ views

(#230) Ripped Jeans, 110+ tumblr notes, 1100+ views

(#201) Acquired Taste, 90+ tumblr notes, 600+ views

(#135) Wager, 80+ tumblr notes, 1800+ views

That's all!
See you at a million!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

(#360) Quotas
It is Christmas day! Time to celebrate a day of no work (for most of us) with a caption that has a very work-related title! You're welcome!!!!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

(#359) Christmas Eve
Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way! Christmas time is almost here, it's just one day away! Hey!

Friday, December 23, 2016

(#358) Appreciation
 This holiday season, remember that while receiving gifts is great, sometimes it is really rewarding to give a gift!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

(#357) Candy Cane

Christmastime is here! And that means it is time for another Erin and Calvin caption!

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Saturday, December 17, 2016

(#352) Him
 Do I always have to come up with a clever line to go here? There are only so many clever lines I can come up with. I didn't even give myself much to work with this time. The title is "Him" and the preview image is a portion of a woman's face. What is that supposed to mean?

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(#345) Retribution
 Just because it is December, does not mean it is too cold for bikinis. It's 80 degrees somewhere!