Friday, April 21, 2017

1,000,000 Views & 1,500 Followers

Talk about a milestone week! On Sunday, my tumblr blog hit 1,500 followers, and then the very next day, this blog here hit 1,000,000 views! Click the image above to see a recap of all the fun we've had together over the past few months, including the top five posts on Blogger and Tumblr!

I'm always excited to hit milestones like this, but sometimes I wonder how meaningful it is. I'm about to go on a long rant now. If you want to see the top post recap like I usually do, you can just scroll down.

Anyway, back to the rant. It's actually been about a month now since the last time I made a caption. I'm taking a little break to focus on some other things, but I'm not the only one who has taken a break. Dee posted about it at the beginning of the month here. People obviously come and go in all sorts of communities. But as I come up on these milestones, while taking a mini-break, it got me thinking. I'm celebrating 1M views, which is still a big number, but about half of all internet traffic is bots. So although I think this is a great achievement, its likely only half a million "real" views. Then I look at all these other bloggers who post their view counts and wonder about them too. How big is this community at all?

I think the glory days of Blogger for the TG community may be behind it. They were probably already over long before I started posting here. I remember the backlash when Blogger first said that they were going to stop allowing adult-oriented blogs like these on the system. All of a sudden, bloggers who had been inactive for years were coming back and posting about it and how they were backing up their captions on tumblr just in case. I think now about how little time I spend in front of my actual PC and how much more time I spend on mobile devices.

Are there actually less blogs now then there were "back in the day"? I don't know. I couldn't keep up with them then, and I can't keep up with them all now. Is the community smaller? Other bloggers seem to think so. I don't get a ton of comments here (and that's okay), but bloggers who do have spoken about the decline in commenting. In the age of the Facebook like, I know that commenting seems difficult. I struggle to reply to all of the comments that I get. I only comment infrequently on other blogs as well. Mobile is the future of casual computing, and is the reason why there appears to be a downtick because Blogger performs poorly on mobile? Sure, each blog itself looks pretty good on mobile, Blogger has taken care of that. But you can't see the sidebars to visit other blogs unless you go all the way down to the bottom of the page and view the desktop version. Some blogs don't work well on mobile either because the picture doesn't load in its own tab, and it loads in that desktop-preview mode that works great on a PC and awful on a phone.

Is this community thriving on mobile? Maybe not this particular TG community, but TG in general is. Tumblr is the place to be. Tumblr has many of its own issues as well, but the volume of content on tumblr is immense. And the social features on tumblr are much better than what Blogger has. The likes give a way for casual users to interact with your posts and the reblogs allow people to share and redistribute your work. My most popular caption on blogger has 3000+ views. My most popular caption on tumblr has something like 125+ likes/reblogs. Which of these are more meaningful? The view count which just means that 1500 robots visited my page and the other 1500 clicked into the captions because they saw boobs in the thumbnail, or the 125 who read the caption and then decided to interact with it?

Perhaps the TG community is just splintering. I post on Blogger, Tumblr, and at Rachel's Haven. The community built around each of these three websites are completely different. I've spoken at length before about the difference in the types of captions that seem to do well on Blogger, versus those that do well on Tumblr. Some of this I think can be attributed to a higher percentage of mobile users on tumblr who prefer vertical-oriented captions to maximize the image size and also prefer less words, but the realistic change and sissy culture is significantly larger there than it is here. When I first started posting there, someone messaged me anonymously to tag all of my posts with #sissy captions. They sure were right!

Time to start circling back. Where am I going with this? A vibrant community is important to all of us. Caption readers want captions to consume and creators want feedback to know that people are actually reading their captions. I would be an absolute liar if I said that I made captions strictly for myself and I didn't value seeing my view count climb or my captions get reblogged. If any captioner tells you that they are lying. I do ENJOY making captions. I like coming up with the types of captions that I like to read, but at the end of a long day of captioning, I can come up with a million other ways I could have spent my time which would have been a lot more productive. Captioning is time consuming. I wouldn't be able to keep doing it if it wasn't for you, the reader. Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog three times a week and read my captions. If you come from tumblr, thank you for following me and reblogging my posts.


Ramblings about stuff over.

Before we get to the recap though, what else is in store for the next three or four months?
  • 2nd Annual Secretaries Week starts on Sunday (daily captions)
  • The From the Web Captions will continue on Wednesdays during May and July.
  • Erin had her surgery, but her story will continue.
  • Special movie-themed captions for the premieres of Guardians of the Galaxy, Pirates of the Caribbean, Wonder Woman, and The Mummy
  • 2nd Annual #30Captions30Days during the month of June
  • A new series called "Reasons". It's an excuse to use up pictures that I've had for a long time but couldn't find a way to caption, but I've coupled them with the reasons I'd like to be female.
  • A look back over the previous 499 captions, leading up to
  • Caption #500

So, similar set up to last time. I'll cover the top five captions on both blogger and tumblr since I reached 750,000 views. One surprising fact about this time is there is actually a surprising amount of overlap between what was popular on each blog. Three of the top five captions appear on both lists.

Top Blogger Captions Since 750,000

 (#366) The Box, 1700+ views, 30+ notes

(#365) I Don't Know, 1600+ views, 20+ notes

(#402) The Curse, 1500+ views, 90+ notes

(#367) Pantydropper, 1500+ views, 20+ notes

(#406) Brother, 1400+ views, 30+ notes

Top Tumblr Captions Since 750,000

(#402) The Curse, 90+ notes, 1500+ views

(#406) Brother, 30+ notes, 1400+ views

(#400) The Hotel, 30+ notes, 1200+ views

(#366) The Box, 30+ notes, 1700+ views

(#412) The Poolhouse, 20+ notes, 1000+ views

That's all folks! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Congratulations ! You are a singular talent and it seems each of your works is amazing. Thank you for all of your hard work and you deserve every accolade.

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad to see that you enjoy all of the captions!

  2. Only one person has commented? Sheesh! Sort of proves the point about community, doesn't it?

    I have never thought about mobile devices and the impact on TG blogs .. for a few reasons. One is that I spend 80 percent of my work day on the computer, and then I come home and spend 40-60 percent of my evening in front of my computer! Plus, I have my computer security locked down fairly well, with the VPN, security settings on web browsers, Cortina shut down as much as possible, password locked hard drives, etc .. I don't trust cell phone/tablet security at all, and believe it to be much more hackable, traceable and much more likely to spit up potentially embarrassing things to everyone, all in the name of convenience. I never really gave it any thought that many/most of my viewers were coming from a cell phone. Looking at my stats right now, I still have 65 percent coming from Windows people, and 10 percent Mac (non 'i' products). My question to you is "How bad does MY site look on a mobile device?"

    I look at Tumbr and I can't get behind it. I would most assuredly have to 'watermark' my captions, and that seems weird since many times we cut that away when working with the picture as to not get in the way of the story/design. It also seems like people just 'gack' captions left and right so they'll have content in THEIR feed without link backs to where they came from. And as you've mentioned, they seem to favor more explicit photos with just a few sentences in their captions .. and I would rather see ONE well crafted caption than 20 in a row with "OH NOES! I'm a girl now and I'm getting fucked hard and deep! I LOVE being a woman!"

    That last paragraph really did hit the spot. We all need comments, for whatever reason we can come up with. For many, it's justification that what we are doing is being well received and enjoyed, and people like Felicia Hextus make you feel really special when she comments on a caption you made for her. For me, I like comments because many times I am trying to get a discussion going to engage the reader, and often I'll learn something in the exchange. People don't often understand how powerful and effect that positive words can mean to someone.\

    So on that note, I conclude this huge comment (that I'll probably use to make my own posting and elaborate more!) with a congrats on 1 million page-views! I enjoy your work and always look forward to seeing your blog flourish and always have fun when we trade captions at the Haven. I wish much success for you going forward!

    1. Thanks as always for your kind words and thoughtful response! :)

      I agree. Captioning, the way we do it, just isn't the same on tumblr. The caption quality is very different. Your "impression" of a tumblr caption is pretty spot on. You can get around the people who remove your text links and attribution by making the the image itself a link, but I still see your point. It's a very different environment.

      I think a lot of the mobile stuff comes from the younger crowd. The tumblr crowd itself is significantly younger, and I think since they "found what they are looking for" over there, a lot less of them have ventured into the Blogger community than may have in the past. Your site looks decent on mobile. On the "Theme" page from your dashboard you can take a look. I'm guessing some bloggers haven't set a mobile theme, so the desktop version loads and it is pretty clunky.

  3. I am sorry to say that I am not big on comments unless I have something to say. Ms. Erin has beautiful pictures and her caption almost always make me feel good. I hope she has a long and fruitful career.

    1. Don't worry. This post wasn't meant to be me fishing for captions. I also comment on captions very infrequently.

  4. Erin, I love, love, love your work! You have an amazing eye when it comes to finding photos, but what is truly outstanding is how your mind works once you find them. Your captions and stories are FANTASTIC!!!

    I do have to ask a question with regards to your blog photo, along with the one in this post; is that really you??? I used to think the blog photo was something you pulled from the Internet, and I guess it's still possible? But when you put up this post, and this photo it really made me wonder???

    Is it remotely possible that a young woman, with such a creative and sexual mind, could be this beautiful? Please don't take that question the wrong way, but it's like finding a unicorn! It's a 1 in a million! It's as rare as finding a perfect diamond!

    Thank you for everything you do!

    Joe D. Footsniffer

    1. The girl in the pictures is the lovely Rachel Cook. She has me green with envy....