Wednesday, May 10, 2017

From the Web: Captions about Erin #29

Today you get eight captions about the world's most beautiful woman. You'll notice many of them have to do with sports/athleticism. My preferences are more or less general, but I'll create specific prompts to help give ideas. Out of the bigger prompts I ran last year, Athlete/Olympics, Traveling, Workplace, and Winter, the athlete prompt got the most attention.

First, we have a few captions from Obsidian7.

I've only made Obsidian two captions thus far: New Beginnings (#294) and The Box (#366).

Next up, we have leroco.
I've made one caption for leroco, which should look familiar as it was only posted a few weeks ago, Refraction (#431).

 Here is another athletic caption, this time from Nadine of Nadine the Teasing Marquise.
The only caption I've made for Nadine was also related to the Olympics, The Deal (#273).

 Here is another sports-related caption (I told you there was a trend!) from Matt/Martina.
 My return caption was (#261) The Figurine.

And the last one of the day comes from magicallycurvy.
I made this caption for magicallycurvy: Oklahoma (#301)

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