Wednesday, May 17, 2017

From the Web: Captions about Erin #30

Here we go, here we go again....

The first captions come from OliviaLovely. The first caption is a stand-alone, while the last three panels are all part of one caption.

 I've made one caption for Olivia, The Empty Restroom (#442).

 These next two captions come from Sammie.

 So far, I've made one caption for Sammie, Coworkers (#306), but you'll be seeing another one next month!

 This next caption comes from SimplySays.
 I've made one caption for her, Work/Life Balance (#324).

The last caption for this week comes from sarinedavis.
I've made two captions for her, Check Engine (#164) and (#374) Wanted.

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