Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Countdown to 500 - Day 3

It's Wednesday! We are getting there! Today we are looking at captions 200-299.

My Top 3
The time period covered by this batch was roughly April through August, which is a lot of months. Some of the captions which were the most fun to make during this time frame corresponded to the Olympics. The Deal (second one below) is one of these, but there are tons of other ones you should take a look at too. You can click here to see my August 2016 archive, most of which are Olympics/sports captions.

Most Popular on Blogger
The top three captions here once again don't share much in common. Afterwards came from prom week. The View is a magical change caption, and also one of the top viewed of all time (another one attributed to the thumbnail I think). And New Beginnings is a story about a young girl finding herself.

Most Popular on Tumblr
I think this is going to be one of the very few instances where tumblr and blogger agreed on something. The caption New Beginnings appears in the number three spot on the list above and below. The common thread to these three captions is the realism, something which tumblr appreciates.

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