Thursday, August 3, 2017

Countdown to 500 - Day 4

We are counting down to Caption #500. We are counting together, because counting can be hard! Today is day 4, and I've run out of breasts to count with! Will you take off your top so we can count together? Today we look at captions 300 - 399.

My Top 3
I generally like the realistic captions better, but I've selected two magical ones here. I like Christmas Eve as it is a sweet, feel-good caption. Time is also a magical caption, but the magic itself isn't explained which makes the caption open ended. It is interesting for this reason, as without knowing the details of the magic, it leaves the character's preoccupation with the clock up to your interpretation. Breakfast is a fun caption too as it involves kisses on my pretty parts, and that is something I like...

Most Popular on Blogger
The top three captions below are listed numerically, not in order by views. Confidence was by far the most viewed caption, telling an accidental lesbian love story. The other two captions focus on realistic and dark changes, which I'm actually surprising were favorites of the blogger crowd.

Most Popular on Tumblr
Two of the three most popular tumblr captions actually began at tumblr exclusives. That could explain the popularity. Tumblr gets happy when you begin a post with the words tumblr exclusive. The only one that was not an exclusive was Undoing, which actually would have been #4 on the above list if I went that far.


  1. It is almost easy to forget all the amazing and original captions that your fertile mind has produced. Almost. Thank you.

    1. Thanks so much :) :) reviewing the old ones has been fun too!